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Dos Abuelas started as a Puerto Rican food truck dedicated to celebrating our great Puerto Rican heritage. We have recently made the switch to catering as we search for the perfect spot for a brick and mortar restaurant. We strive to help continue the exploration of Puerto Rican flavors, music, art and Taino traditions.

Inspired by Taino culture, Dos Abuelas is an ode to the spirit of Boriken (Puerto Rican) flavors, where each artisan dish is prepared with thought and dedication. We like to think of ourselves as a new company- with a very old soul! 

The main style of traditional cooking in Puerto Rico is cocina criolla, literally translated to mean, "Creole cooking". In cocina criolla you will find both native and Spanish-influenced ingredients and cooking techniques.


What makes Dos Abuelas criolla special? Our mission is to consistently provide healthy delicious alternatives to some of the traditional ways of Puerto Rican cooking. No GMO, No MSG, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Options, and No artificial colors or preservatives  - Just 100% natural spices and ingredients.


Using Chef Keigh's sophisticated culinary techniques, we make homemade criolla recipes that come from the heart. Food guaranteed to make you feel the way Abuela made it: con AMOR y SABOR!



​Dos Abuelas opened in Denver in June of 2017. Our name translates to "Two Grandmother's", in honor of Chef Keigh's beloved abuelas who were two masters of Criolla cuisine in Puerto Rico, and some of Keigh's first culinary teachers. 


 Keigh Crespo, the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, was raised in the South Bronx and grew up with the smells and tastes of true Puerto Rican food. Blending native ingredients and cooking traditions with an indigenous savory mix that reflects her prideful culture.

Chef Crespo

About Keigh

Keigh received her culinary training at Monroe college in the Bronx. 

In 2008, Keigh relocated to Philadelphia where she worked for a variety of talented chefs. She began her journey cooking at famed Iron Chef Jose Garces' restaurant Rosa Blanca.

Keigh continued her work with prestigious chefs, working directly under one of Philly's most esteemed chefs- Chef Yun Fuentes at Society Hill Society.

Keigh continued to explore her culinary talents throughout the city. Working at a variety of other venues like Square 1682 at the Palomar, one of Philly's chicest hotels, and then trying her hand as a personal chef for The Castle, a prestigious fraternity at The University of Pennsylvania.

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